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don'tmess with me

so soon?
i'm leaving? everything is happening so fast,i can't catch my breath.so it's decided? i'll be going this saturday,and if everything's settled,i'm gonna start school on tuesday.

SAY WHATT?! the fuck. this is sooooo sudden.

this means i'll havto quit my job and POOF! there goes my excitement of working together with everyone.i won't even be able to say goodbye to them.yeah i know it's near and i can come back once in a while but still,it's different.

i'll miss out A LOT.

frankly,i don't want that.i don't wanna be the last to know if something happened.i'll miss everyone and everything.i'll miss those times we hang out.i'll miss the times we had talks in min's car.i'll miss the days where all we do is talk crap and laugh.i'll miss those i loved

i didn't cry,maybe it just hasn't hit me yet.



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Hi everyone!
Testing~ ^^

Hope you'd like it =D


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